Tips for entries via swim central

 Swim Central  will primarily be the  platform to enter meets from this point in time , July 2019.


We suggest familiarising yourself with the process of entering meets using the help guides on NSW swimming website found here


In summary, you need to be “impersonating” your Swimmer to enter meets or purchase membership (or any other products we may have in swim central in the future eg , uniforms , functions). 


To do this, log into swim central, unlock the adult using the PIN, if you have forgotten your PIN, just click on adult and choose 'forgot PIN.' Then click on the Swimmer, then click on Events icon, this will take you to the Calendar. This calendar is where you will find meets and process entries. Find the date of the meet then click on meet, then nominate. A list of events will come up. 


Choose the event for your swimmer, if there is a QT (Qualifying Time) and the swimmer is not eligible, a message with appear that will say “no QT found “ . If you believe your swimmer has the Qualifying Time, please contact our race secretary Mel with the details of when the time was achieved to enable further investigation.


Next, add the event  to trolley, continue this process for each event . If you have other swimmers that need entries done, ensure you scroll to bottom right hand corner to “end impersonation “ then choose next swimmer. 


Once you are happy that all entries are done on the correct swimmers, go to trolley, check entries, and commence payment .



Also just for your information, the calendar on Swim Central may not have a complete list of all meets being held . The reason behind this, is that the meet may not have been set up in Swim Central, (or perhaps exclusively using platform Another Pb).  Alternatively, the hosting club may not choose to make it available on the calendar, as such, we (WIAQ) will need to “link” some meets to our club for them to be visible. Any targeted meets that have been chosen by the coaches will be made visible and therefore be able to be entered via the swimmers calendar . 


The swimming NSW website also has an event calendar you can access, and individual clubs as per usual will have their meets on their website. If you would like to enter a meet that isn’t on your swimmers calendar , please advise our Race Secretary Mel or Registrar, Naomi . 


 ** Please do the entries with enough time to correct any issues.


 ** Please check the start list for your swimmer carefully  when it  becomes available. 


 ** Please keep a look out on the host club website for the start list ,If any issues , please contact the host club in the first instance , then our race secretary Mel if needed. 


For carnivals we aim to advise families of their timekeeping commitments with as much notice as possible , please assume you will be timekeeping and be proactive to investigate if you haven’t heard by the day before , please contact the secretary as we may have missed you, or ask around /organise yourselves on the day as you see fit . (You may not be required to time keep if there are only a few swimmers attending from our club).


Lots of helpful tips and guidelines here


Finally , thankyou to everyone for their patience during this transition period . Please feel free to contact Mel or Naomi with any questions or comments. 

Kind Regards 


Naomi 0412861365


Mel     0401004106